PeopleHive offers a wide range of complementary and value-added services to students across the world, enabling them to achieve their dream of an international career.

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    Deciding on the most suitable course or institution or country can turn out to be really challenging. Our team of highly experienced and adroit education specialists not only simplify this process by recommending most relevant programmes but also advise you regarding futuristic/ high-in-demand courses and popular student-friendly destinations. Our experts guide students and their families throughout the cycle of their international career journey.


    Choosing an overseas study programme can be identified as a ‘life defining’ moment as it would determine the course of your professional life and eventually your life as a whole. Our top management themselves being international students in the past are well acquainted with this dilemma. Therefore, we have developed a well-trained faction of advisors to gain a deep understanding of student requirements to help them select the right course at the right university in the right country best suited for them.


    As per various surveys, most international universities complain that they are compelled to reject a lot of student applications owing to incomplete or wrong information. Your application to any international university or institution is the initial and the most crucial step of your international career journey.  With tremendous experience, our advisors help you make your applications as impeccable as possible and also guide you regarding the supported documentation.


    Accidents and injuries do not come with a warning and dealing with them can be a daunting task in another country. Therefore, it is imperative to procure a suitable health insurance before embarking on your international journey. PeoplEducate team highly recommends that students should procure a health insurance prior to their departure to ensure a hassle-free stay abroad. We are associated with a range of public / private insurance providers and happily share the list with students (on request) who can then purchase health insurance as per their discretion.


    Once you have secured an offer letter from the institution of your choice, you should immediately apply for the student visa. Please note, securing an offer letter does not guarantee a visa. Moreover, student visa for any international destination requires anywhere between 15-30 working days to process. Our education specialists can ease the visa application process for our students by guiding them about the form and advising them on different requirements such as financial documentation, medical certifications and vaccinations, health insurance etc. Missing out on any minute detail can lead to rejection or delay of visa.


    Subsequent to being granted the student visa, it is advised that students should start shortlisting accommodation. Our education experts suggest a range of criteria (access to the university, public transport, safety, shared or private accomodation) to be considered while deciding on your accommodation as it would be your home for a long time. With an extensive network of vendors, PeoplEducate can share a list of accommodation options both on and off campus with students (on request).


    PeoplEducate conducts a pre-departure briefing for all our students (and their parents) before they travel to their respective study destinations. The session apprises them about student life in an international setting, cultural and religious sensitisation, personal safety measure, handy tips on time and money management, things to carry. The session is also leveraged as an open forum where students can voice their queries, share their story, provide suggestions and connect with future friends or colleagues.


    For certain destinations, PeoplEducate has onsite teams to offer post arrival support services at their study destination. The services include meet and greet at the airport, transfer assistance to hotel/hostel and a beginners kit (local SIM card, international power plug adapter, two day grocery essentials – tea/coffee + juices + sandwiches /instant noodles, basic toiletries and cleaning essentials – the list is customisable).

    This is a value-added service available at an additional cost.