How many countries in the European Union have English as their official language?

Only Three!




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    Why study in Malta?

    SIX Reasons to study in Malta

    1. Malta offers High Standard of Education!

    The island country is home to one of the oldest universities in the world – University of Malta and also has presence of international educational institutions like London School of Commerce (LSC Malta). With a splendid tradition in education, Maltese universities and institutes offer students a rich and diverse curicula and superior quality programmes conforming with EU standards. Moreover, Maltese education system is similar to the British. Another similarity to India!

    2. Malta is Bilingual and Diverse!

    Practically everyone in Malta speaks both Maltese and English fluently, making communication simple! Students and expatriates from all over the world live on the island, making it highly diverse and welcoming.

    3. Extremely Economical!

    Unlike other English-speaking countries, Malta has the lowest cost of study and accommodation. Students are entitled to special discounts in restaurants, gyms and participation in social events. Public transport also offers special rates to students enrolled in academic programmes of more than 3 month duration.

    4. Country member of EU!

    Since 2004, Malta has been part of European Union and has the largest number of English speakers outside Britain and Ireland. Its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea puts the island just a few hours away from important European cities like Rome, Milan, Paris, Madrid and Athens. When studying in Malta, students can travel freely through the EU countries at extremely low prices.

    5. One of the most peaceful and safest places in the world!

    The crime rate on the island is one of the lowest in Europe and it is also known as one of the safest destinations where natural disasters are less likely to occur. Maltese people are very friendly, respectful and well educated in most cases.

    6. Malta is an Extraordinary Experience beyond Education!

    The sun-kissed islands offer a cultural and historical splendour. Malta is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Hypogeum of Half Saflieni, Valletta and seven megalithic temples which are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world. Malta is chosen as the European Capital of Culture for 2018!