We offer a Unique Experience!

PeopleHive is an exclusive international education consultancy specialised in providing customised career guidance to each student. Every student is unique and dreams about a unique career along with harbouring a singular set of concerns regarding overseas opportunities. Our team of seasoned education experts consider every student as an individual case and help them identify the most suitable course pertinent to their career interest. Our organisation’s motto
is: ‘Qualify an ideal candidate through the perfect programme in the perfect institution and in the perfect country for a prosperous career’.

We help build International Careers!

Being associated with an international business chamber, PeopleHive boasts of a sound understanding of global trends in the recruitment industry such as high-in-demand qualifications, geography-wise work opportunities and lack of skilled workforce, up-skilling for international jobs, diversity at workplace et al. Our core objective is to assist in creating a truly international future-ready talent pool equipped with the right qualifications to stimulate the global economy.

The team at PeopleHive does not promote courses or institutions. We promote International Careers! We guide students to pursue programmes at specific institutions and countries based on future employability and industry requirement.

We recommend exclusive and bespoke Courses!

At PeopleHive, we are highly selective about the courses we offer, determined by a lot of analysis and discretion of our international education specialists. For example, various industry reports indicate a huge demand for certain healthcare professionals (Nursing, Gerontology etc) in Europe. Our team of experts have identified some absolutely exclusive and pertinent courses which can qualify you for these opportunities.

Our experts have also identified institutions and countries which offer certain bespoke courses which are either not available in a lot of universities or do not offer an immediate career opportunity owing to regulatory restrictions. A perfect example of this would be Cryptocurrency which is speculated to be the ‘Next Big Thing’ in the Financial Technology domain but is still not acceptable and considered illegal by many economies.

We genuinely understand your concerns!

While many students dream of an international career, very few tread the whole nine yards. As per industry reports, India has the second highest number of students in the world studying overseas. Yet, many Indian students are quite indecisive when it comes to pursuing an international career by enrolling for courses abroad. A lot of these apprehensions stem from misinformation, lack of proper guidance and the worst of all  assumptions.

PeopleHive squad is comprised of talented and experienced professionals who have themselves been international students, right from top management including our Chairman to most of the education experts guiding the students. Hence, we completely understand your concerns and enthusiastically provide you a holistic international career development plan encompassing Comprehensive Counselling, Country/ University/ Course Selection, Application Review and Assistance, Visa Guidance, Pre-Departure Support, Post Arrival Facilitation, Post Study Job Assistance and other services.